Pomeranian Energy Picnic

Many citizens came to participate in the activities offered during the first “Pomeranian Energy Picnic” by the seashore of Gdynia. The Regional Fund for Environmental Conservation and Water Management (WFOS) in cooperation with the city of Gdynia organized this event to promote topics like renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and recycling. The focus of the fair framed by the Pomeranian Energy Days, which have already been organized eight times, was on clean air and pollution caused by burning fuels in traffic, heating and industry.

The Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, a partner in the Act Now! project, presented its achievements in the field of eco-technologies and waste management. The opportunity was taken to disseminate information on energy efficiency measures in buildings and cities. The core idea of the Act Now! project was shared with the local radio, WFOS and Gdynia administration.

Around 30 companies and entities were invited to present their products and ecological achievements. The agenda also left room for discussions, presentations and exhibitions, movies and fun activities for children and young people. Participants were invited to get on an e-bike test ride and learn about sustainable means of transportation. House owners could gain information on private investments in energy efficiency in buildings. Photovoltaics, heat pumps and insulation were the buzzwords to promote a responsible use of natural resources and to personally profit from economic benefits, too.

Pomeranian Energy Picnic in Gdynia - IMP stand.
Presentation of the Act Now! project at the Pomeranian Energy Picnic in Gdynia.