The core idea of Act Now! is to work in tandems consisting of experienced energy efficiency firms and institutions and local administrations. The project aims at improving energy efficiency in public and private buildings by enhancing the capacity of decision makers.

Investigation of Status Quo
Many municipalities in the project area have set up so called „Strategic Energy Action Plans“ (SEAPs) in the past. Herein they define ambitious goals for reduction of CO2 emissions. EU-wide nearly 40 % of the energy consumption is caused by the building sector. Heating accounts by far for the biggest proportion within this category. The reasons for this are manifold, but mainly the lack of decentralized heating systems and obsolete space heating systems can be held responsible for high energy consumption rates.
Capacity Building
In a first step, the status quo of energy efficiency in the building stock will be evaluated in all participating municipalities. Partners and stakeholders from the public and private sector have to be identified to form local energy saving workgroups. The goal is to also get an overview of the capacities and knowledge amongst the project partners. Definition of knowledge and capacity gaps and potential bottlenecks is within the scope of this work package.
This forms the basis for the development of individual capacity building schemes. Analysis of local processes and policies, SEAP goals and a SWOT analysis will contribute to tailored approaches for all project partners. From a cost benefit analysis, the most effective energy efficiency measures will be derived.
Implementation & Tool Development
Energy efficiency work groups will be the core of the local capacity building schemes. Members comprise of local steering bodies for future energy efficiency measures, municipality staff and other relevant stakeholders.
The focus of this work package is on the establishment or improvement of energy management in the municipalities, the development and roll-out of a web-based training programme and on data collection. In the project, funding is foreseen for smart metering and data processing in six municipalities. A feasibility study will investigate implementation options and financing models for a selected building in each municipality.
Dissemination and Improvement
Act Now! is intended to act as an incubator for other municipalities and regions as well. The insights gained and the toolkits developed will be made available to eligible partners from outside the project. Communication is crucial, therefore a range of reports, workshops, conferences, information leaflets and other material is planned. This website and information brochures are part of the projects’ communication strategy.
For quality management of the project outputs, the activities within the project will be monitored continuously. Evaluation of processes and work packages will lead to a „lessons learned“ document, which for its part can contribute to further improvement of energy efficiency assessment.